ABSCo Strategic Vision and Objectives


  • This new strategy will form the three year work plan of the association for the period 2022 – 2025, to be reviewed at the end of the second year.

    Quality and Improvement

    • 1.      Provide national workshops to support members and improve the quality of the services they deliver
    • 2.      Continue to support our members in utilising the Bereavement Audit Tool to audit their services against the Bereavement Care Service Standards and to develop plans to increase their compliance with the Standards.
    • 3.      Participate in the development of national outcome measures and outcome monitoring tools and support members to implement
    • 4.      Support members’ recruitment and training of volunteers by developing guidelines and exploring the need to provide training
    • 5.      Advocate best practice and participate in the development of guidelines for best practice
    • 6.      Explore ways of supporting members to meet the challenges they encounter in managing and designing their services


    • 1.      Consolidate the streamlining of financial processes to maintain improved transparency and accountability, and ensure accounts are externally audited on an annual basis.
    • 2.      Work towards filling all Regional Rep posts
    • 3.      Continue to use reserves to support ABSCo members, managing the balance between income and expenditure within limits that are sustainable.


    • 1.      Develop a national picture of what our members and their services provide in order to develop a stronger voice for our members within the bereavement field
    • 2.      Survey members and non-members to map current service provision in relation to post-pandemic service changes
    • 3.      Support members to develop clearer knowledge of other available support in their local communities and nationally
    • 4.      Continue to contribute data from ABSCo members to national data initiatives in order to contribute to the mapping and sustainability of service provision across the hospice and bereavement sectors.


    • 1.      Support members to develop partnerships with local/national providers and to share examples of best practice and innovative projects
    • 2.      Support members to develop opportunities to signpost or refer to other appropriate support
    • 3.      Support members to work collaboratively to explore possibilities of service redesigns
    • 4.      Continue to collaborate with other bereavement organisations through active participation in the National Bereavement Alliance and its many initiatives, and disseminate this work to members
    • 5.      Maintain a collaborative relationship between ABSCo and Hospice UK
    • 6.      Support members with opportunities to develop skills and understanding of funding opportunities

ABSCo - Association of Bereavement Service Coordinators - Hospice and Palliative Care


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