association values

ABSCO recognises that people facing or having experienced bereavement will have a variety of needs.

We recognise the necessity for a broad range of high quality, evidenced-based bereavement care services which are able to demonstrate good practice in meeting the locally identified diverse needs of the communities they serve. 

association aims

  • Support and connect those who are responsible for the management and delivery of bereavement services within hospice and palliative care settings 
  •  Improve the quality of bereavement services within hospice and palliative care settings to meet the Bereavement Care Service Standards (2013)
  • Help improve people’s experience of bereavement
  • Raise the profile of, and champion the need for, a broad range of bereavement support within the hospice and national arenas 
  • Work collaboratively and in partnership with other providers and national organisations to address the increasing complexity of need in an environment of limited resources
  • Provide its members with opportunities for training, professional development and keeping up-to-date with developments within the field
  • Develop and deliver a three yearly strategic vision and objectives for the association
  • Operate the business of the association in line with our constitution and within an agreed governance framework and ensure its sustainability

ABSCo - Association of Bereavement Service Coordinators - Hospice and Palliative Care


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